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It is pleasing to know how books help break down barriers and build relationships. My daughter was in hospital – on holiday from the UK, she underwent emergency surgery in Sydney. Sincere thanks to St Vincent’s Hospital which gave her … Continue reading

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Have you heard of the New York #Writers #Workshop ?

Have you heard of the New York #Writers #Workshop ?.

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Another lovely autumn day. The builders are busy next door making a duplex, which replaces a family home, lovely cypress pine and a swathe of green streetscape. There was nothing I could do to stop the development, or prevent destruction … Continue reading

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The amazing autumn sunshine continues. It’s officially winter in a couple of weeks but the temperatures remain around 25 C. I’m taking the opportunity to tidy my garden, pruning the dead wood for the council clean-up, tying everything into neat … Continue reading

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APRIL HEROES It’s hard to believe that almost fifty years have passed since Martin Luther King made his impassioned speech I Have A Dream. It resonates just as powerfully today as it did the day he delivered it at a … Continue reading

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In Italian nought is the first numeral, equivalent to nothing. Put a zero to the right of one, as any kindergarten student knows, and you have ten. Zero makes all numbers possible. Add zeros into the billions and trillions and … Continue reading

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Spring Clean

I’ve been having a long-overdue spring clean of my Queensland room and passing on some of the toys, books etc which I no longer need, and putting out stuff for the Council clean-up. I was surprised to see how many … Continue reading

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Anthology 5

The Committee were  reeling over  news that the spine was too narrow for a title. Surely there was some solution? Clearly, it was too late to add extra works, with all the editing, checking and content list changes  that would … Continue reading

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Having corrected any grammatical errors, we thought our work was almost done. Wrong! No matter how many eyes have scanned the pages of a manuscript, it’s amazing how many times one can read through and still find misplaced or missing … Continue reading

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Anthology 3

It’s been a long time since my last entry.But here I am, back from trekking in the Andes, and a spell in the lovely city of Bath. More of that later. All fingers to the keyboard indeed!  We met every  … Continue reading

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