About Me

I’ve reached the age of flamboyance and bling. I love writing, Classical FM, Jazz, French chansons, French Movies,biographies, autobiographies, memoir, poetry, SBS documentaries and more. I’ve published short stories and the occasional article.

My memoir/novel on nursing in the 20th Century, ‘BLACK STOCKINGS WHITE VEIL – A TALE OF ADVERSITY, TRIUMPH AND ROMANCE AT ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED HOSPITAL, was a Finalist in the 2009 Indie Book Awards. I’ve completed another fictional family memoir, ‘SONGS FROM HEAVEN,’ and a third, ‘GOING HOME,’ is currently being critiqued at the Women Writers Network, NSW Writers Centre/.

Decima Wraxall

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Glenys says:

    Look forward to the launch of your latest book Decima..

  2. joanpurvis (nee meskell) says:

    I trained at RPAH from 1952-56. Your book “Black Stockings White Veil” brought back a lot of memories. However, we started off in “the Huts” which obviously had been left over from the War. St. John boys used to play tricks on us as their College was quite close.
    Good luck for future books.

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