Every day one reads of some executive who’s helped him/herself to monies in some big company or union. This hedonistic lack of morals, with an ego-centric indifference to the property of others, indicates some people will go to any lengths in order to fund a lifestyle far beyond their means. Dazzled by material goods they all too easily point their ethical compass in the wrong direction.

Samuel Johnson said: Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.

Integrity means an uncompromising commitment to honor, moral rectitude, spiritual values and principles. If we know a thing to be wrong, it’s our duty as citizens to alert those with the power to change it, whatever the consequences. The question of integrity has troubled us from earliest times. In the 1st century BC, Publilus Syrus declared: What is left when honour is lost?

In business dealings, as in friendship, we seek honesty, sincerity, virtue and decency – all based on integrity, which is as important as executive skills. The quality of being honest  builds sturdy relationships in any setting.

Warren Buffet, the Wizard of Wall Street, looks for three qualities in his employees: integrity, intelligence and energy.

A reputation for integrity is one of our most valuable possessions.  Should your words and deeds part company, it will be difficult for anyone to trust you again.

Let Mahatma Gandhi have the last word; he had firm ideas about things that would destroy us: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle. Science without humanity. Business without ethics.




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I've reached the age of flamboyance and bling.I love Classical FM, Jazz, French chansons, French movies, SBS Documentaries and Wednesdays with my Women Writers Critique Group at the NSW Writers Centre.I've published short stories and the occasional article. My novel/'faction on nursing in the 20th Century,' BLACK STOCKINGS WHITE VEIL - A TALE OF ADVERSITY, TRIUMPH AND ROMANCE AT ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED HOSPITAL'- was a Finalist in the 2009 Indie Book Awards. I've critiqued a second fictional family memoir, 'SONGS FROM HEAVEN', and am working through a third, 'GOING HOME'.
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1 Response to INTEGRITY

  1. John Wright says:

    Hits the nail right on the head. A succinct and excellent summary that should be compulsory reading for all captains of industry and Assistant Treasurers

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