Still drowsy after the effects of a stroke, Linda’s elderly patient at the Nursing Home needed lots of stimulation and encouragement to  take more oral fluids, nurses hoping to avoid using a naso-gastric tube. In these situations, a Christian name evokes a more positive response than a formal Mrs.

 ‘Do you mind if I call your mother Dolly?’ Linda asked the assembled family – one of the other nurses had advised her of the nickname. 

They seemed rather luke-warm about it, but Linda figured Dolly’s  welfare was more  important than any prejudices against use of an alternative name.

The whole shift  she kept saying:  ‘C’mon, Dolly, just a little more milk. Very good, Dolly, swallow another mouthful.’

 By the end of the day Linda felt elated by Dolly’s fluid intake. Only as the nurse was going off duty, did her husband say quietly: ‘Her name’s not Dolly, you know. We call her Chrissie .’

About wraxdec

I've reached the age of flamboyance and bling.I love Classical FM, Jazz, French chansons, French movies, SBS Documentaries and Wednesdays with my Women Writers Critique Group at the NSW Writers Centre.I've published short stories and the occasional article. My novel/'faction on nursing in the 20th Century,' BLACK STOCKINGS WHITE VEIL - A TALE OF ADVERSITY, TRIUMPH AND ROMANCE AT ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED HOSPITAL'- was a Finalist in the 2009 Indie Book Awards. I've critiqued a second fictional family memoir, 'SONGS FROM HEAVEN', and am working through a third, 'GOING HOME'.
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  1. John Wright says:

    Isn’t it wonderful how some people will sit by, knowing that you are operating under a complete misapprehension and waiting until you have thoroughly embarrassed yourself in front of them before telling you. The Germans have a wonderful term for it – “Schadenfreude” or secret amusement in the misfortunes of others

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