In Italian nought is the first numeral, equivalent to nothing. Put a zero to the right of one, as any kindergarten student knows, and you have ten. Zero makes all numbers possible. Add zeros into the billions and trillions and the most inferior number in our repertoire,  a nothing, zilch, cipher, zip, carries enormous potential. Zero makes possible equations using the powers of ten, an easy way to record large or small numbers. It’s convenient not having to write all the noughts; still, these zeros are lurking  in the background. In completing the last of my April alphabetical blogs my project is complete, nothing more needed. It’s been an exercise in perseverance, writing practice and the production of lucid prose or poetry to share with others on a daily basis. Having  succeeded in this challenge to both intellect and time, zero represents to me not only completion of the circle, but also everything. Nothing is always there, a zero, yet neither insignificant nor lightweight. People who are upset and say, ‘It’s nothing,’ usually mean their pain’s too deep for discussion. Parents ask their children: ‘What have you been doing?’ ‘Nothing This response invariably brings concern, since it’s evident they’ve been doing something – usually, an activity unlikely to receive parental approval. Happily, it seems, the bedrock of zero can quickly escape from mediocrity by moving in the opposite direction!

About wraxdec

I've reached the age of flamboyance and bling.I love Classical FM, Jazz, French chansons, French movies, SBS Documentaries and Wednesdays with my Women Writers Critique Group at the NSW Writers Centre.I've published short stories and the occasional article. My novel/'faction on nursing in the 20th Century,' BLACK STOCKINGS WHITE VEIL - A TALE OF ADVERSITY, TRIUMPH AND ROMANCE AT ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED HOSPITAL'- was a Finalist in the 2009 Indie Book Awards. I've critiqued a second fictional family memoir, 'SONGS FROM HEAVEN', and am working through a third, 'GOING HOME'.
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